I had a slow afternoon and stumbled upon CALI Rochester outlet which specialises in Southwest cuisine (including Mexican food). Having had a bland breakfast, the thought of having nicely seasoned and vibrant dishes appealed to me. Furthermore, there’s some thing for everyone on their menu and I need not worry so much as to what to order!

Here are what I’ve picked out from CALI Rochester and my review of each item!

This Roasted Pumpkin & Prawn Soup is creamy with the light sweetness of pumpkin. I believe the flavour is even more concentrated thanks to the roasting process before pureeing the pumpkins into soup. Surprisingly, the pumpkin complements (and did not mask) the fresh prawn bits. Furthermore, the ingredients used here are absolutely fresh with an awesome toasted garlic bread as accompaniment.

Then, the Chicken Tikka Pizza and smoothies were next after the soup. I really like the thin crust of the Chicken Tikka Pizza, and the good ratio of tomato and cheese. Furthermore, each pizza comes with nicely roasted onion and peppers that were so aromatic and lightly crunchy. Each bite was an amalgation of flavours and textures!

Along the meal, my sister and I also had the Peach Smoothie and Strawberry Smoothie. I was pleasantly surprised that the smoothie tasted so fresh without any artificial sweetness. Furthermore, because it wasn’t overly sweet, the smoothies complemented the mains really well!

The highlight of my visit is this Slow Cook Beef Cheek. Each bite was tender, succulent and simply melt in your mouth! When accompanied with the mashed potatoes. ma ma mia! This is a Must-Order.

Not shown in images is a Chicken Quesadilla that I had too! This dish comes with a refreshing serving of sour cream and avocadoes that added a lightly sweet and earthy element to the spicy Chicken Quesadilla. I would say this makes a good dish to share among the table!

Finally, the Lava Torte.

Initially, I was surprised by the price tag when referring to the menu as it was priced at $12 before the prevailing taxes. However, after the Lava Torte was presented to us and we tasted it, I could truly understand why. This Lava Torte is truly value for money and worth every single dollar.

The Lava Torte has a rich, gooey lava centre. We ate each bite with the fresh berries compote and good quality vanilla ice cream. Immediately, I regretted not ordering two of these. In my next trip here, I will be sure to save space for this Lava Torte!

Overall, I rate my trip to CALI, Rochester at 9.5 / 10. I enjoyed everything that I ordered and I have not even touched on the ambience of this place yet!

CALI, Rochester provides a calm, casual yet elegant ambience. Furthermore, you can also opt for outdoor sittings for a good look at the greenery that surrounds the restaurant.

Location: 31 Rochester Dr, #01-01/02, Singapore 138637
Contact: 6684 9897
Website: https://www.cali.sg/restaurants/cali-park-avenue-rochester

Without further ado, I’ve a mini vlog documenting my experience too. Be sure to check them out!