Hello everyone, I am proud to announce that I am willing and have the courage now to finally step up and start a bake sales. In order to make it more festive and commemorative, I have decided to target the public holidays of Christmas and New Year.

This is because I believe that these two events are celebrated and enjoyed by everyone, and I really love the spirit of sharing in Christmas.

I will be selling 3 items PLUS something really interesting, do read on!

I will be selling my Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups ( Picture 1 ), Almond Chocolate Biscotti ( Picture 2 ) , Chocolate Chip Cookies ( Picture 3). ( Down below with their prices )

Nope, the last thing is not a second hand good. It is called the bake of the week. You can either offer a sum ( $5 / $10 / $ 15 ) and it shall be a random surprise (explained down below ). You might get a random assortment of goods, or my bakes for that week! Of course, please do state what you are allergic to!

Do note that I can only accept a limited number of orders, so it will be stated if that item is no longer available for sales!

For orders, and related questions, please contact me in this link down below:

For more information regarding packaging, hygiene purposes etc check the link below:
My Bake Sales Policies and Regulations

Pick Up, at Toa Payoh, dates are of these dates:
1. For Christmas: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 Dec. ( 26 Dec only in the morning )
2. For New Year: 30th Dec, 31st Dec and 1st Jan ( 1st Jan only in the morning ).
Cancelled Dates: Closed
Red: Closing Soon

Before I start, please allow me to thank you for choosing me over other sales and I will try my utmost best not to disappoint. I am really grateful for your assistance in this small business and passion of mine, and your support is paramount! Alongside, for ethical reasons, none of these pictures are edited ( i.e no filter, extra lighting etc ). All are taken with true honesty!

1. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups. Normal Chocolate, or Mint Chocolate both available at same prices.

For 6: $15 ( calculated $2.50 for one )
For 12: $27 ( calculated $2.25 for one )

They are the size of a regular muffin. Cream etc will only be made one hour before collection fro food hygiene purposes.

If order in 6, it will all be of a single flavour. If order in 12, its okay to have 6 of one flavour, and 6 of another.

2. Almond Chocolate Biscotti

For 9 : $8
For 18: $14
For 28: $19

The prices are a little steep here because both Almonds and Chocolate Chips are used, which is not cheap. In addition, a lot of effort is needed for the double baking, which can take up quite a bit of time!

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies ( I emphasize a lot on flavour, and its soft, people say it reminds them of subway )

For 100g: $4
For 300g: $11
For 500g: $18

The cookies are so thin, they are supposed to just melt in your mouth along with all that chocolate goodness! Its from a secret recipe stash not available on my blog!

4. Something Random

For this, you are allowing me to give you either

  1. Random Assortment of Bakes
  2. A portion of what I bake that week! Freshness will be ensured.

Prices are in portions of $5 / $10 / $15. On the point of receiving, you can choose to reject it for no cost at all.

Thank you! Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead 🙂

Important Policies That I Enforce:

  1. Baked goods will be baked maximum 24 hours before collection.
  2. For cream and other sensitive products such as fruits, 1 hour before collection.
  3. Goods will be sealed and packaged in an airtight environment to minimize spoilage and bacteria growth.
  4. All equipment are cleaned before the bake starts.
  5. All equipment will be cleaned when switching recipes as well in case of possible allergies.