Do you know that you can grab your hands on locally made granola, overnight oats, and nut butters? REVIVE offers a selection of hearty and nutritious products that intertwine health, with tastiness. All without leaving any guilt!

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In my review of REVIVE’s products, I will be covering a wide range of classic granolas, natural nut butters and overnight oats. These healthy snacks are designed to suit different tastes, diets, and nutrition preferences.  One thing in common for the entire range of products is the usage of premium, high-quality ingredients. I could tell right off the bat, especially as a home baker who sources for similar standards of ingredients in my bakes! Furthermore, and most importantly for me, the range of products is palm oil free.

Firstly, we have granola with 5 unique flavour pairings:

  • Maple Granola + Almond Coconut
  • Honey Granola + Pistachio & Puff Rice
  • Matcha Granola + Cashew & Almond
  • Chocolate Granola + Hazelnut & Cocoa Nib
  • Earl Grey Granola + Macadamia & Puff Rice

A commendable effort can be tasted in making sure that each granola is true to its name. I was pleasantly surprised that the Earl Grey and Matcha flavours come with a kick of soothing fragrance and earthy flavours. It was as if I was drinking tea and eating granola at the same time! Furthermore, the classics (Chocolate and Honey flavours) really impress me!

Notably, REVIVE’s granolas come in a mix of crunchy clusters and smaller, individual fragments. This is likely thanks to the hearty base REVIVE uses to gel and roast the granola in.

Next, we have a range of overnight oats consisting of:

  • Peace & Cinnamon
  • Tropical Mango
  • Pina Colada
  • Chocolate Banana

Unlike conventional pre-packaged overnight oats, REVIVE’s overnight oats come with real fruits. Made possible using dried fruits that re-hydrates, these fruity components add a real pleasant touch to kickstart your morning. Furthermore, I am pleasantly surprised that for such a simple breakfast food, REVIVE has found a way to make multi-dimensional flavours.

Take for instance, the Pina Colada overnight oats. Without referring to the ingredient label, I could taste that the mix comes with pineapples, desiccated coconut, and chia seeds. Each ingredient carries its own weight and delivers a great mix of flavour and texture profiles. Furthermore, I just found out that there’s no sugar added and it’s vegan-friendly!

Completing the range of products is a line-up of natural nut butters consisting of:

REVIVE takes a painstaking effort to procure these nut butters without any addition of palm oil or hydrogenated oils. Apart from which, they have no salt and sugar added. From the pureness of the flavours, I can tell REVIVE sources for very high-quality ingredients and is not afraid to show it!

Additionally, I’ve tried incorporating the almond nut butter into my bakes and it really shines through to give a fragrant, nutty finish.

Overall, REVIVE takes nutrition seriously, and they’re definitely the retailer you can count on for high quality, clean and nutritious products. They do not compromise on clean eating as you can see through the daring move of having no salt and no sugar. However, the move certainly pays off as you can truly taste the unveiled goodness of natural ingredients, and it tastes amazing.

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