With regard to the Bake Sales that I will be conducting, I believe in giving as much information as possible to my customers!

Current Ongoing Bake Sales:
My Christmas and New Year Bake Sales for 2017

Before I start, please allow me to thank you for choosing me over other sales and I will try my utmost best not to disappoint. I am really grateful for your assistance in this small business and passion of mine, and your support is paramount!


1. Hygiene and Food Safety Standards

  • 1.1 Hygiene and Food Safety Standards
  • 1.2 Food Packaging ( and things related )

2. Pick up and Delivery

  • 2.1 Pick Up Procedure / Process
  • 2.2 Delivery
  • 2.3 Changing / Cancellation of Orders
3. Usage of Bake Sales Profits
  • 3.1 Explanation of Pricing
  • 3.2 What are Profits Used for

4. General and Other Enquiries 

  • 4.1 Point of Contact
  • 4.2 Other Questions
  • 4.3 For Feedback and Complains

1. Hygiene and Food Safety Standards

1.1 Hygiene and Food Safety Standards

In order to ensure maximal amount of cleanliness during preparation of food, I practice the following habits

For Preparation and Handling:

  • Washing of Hands before handling any raw dough
  • Washing of Equipment even when changing recipes to minimize contamination
  • Minimal Exposure of raw dough to external environment
  • Food that uses sensitive agents prone to bacteria growth, such as cream, are prepared only about one to two hours before collection in order to minimize such growth.
  • Orders will be made maximum 24 hours before the collection in order to ensure freshness.
For Storage:
  • Baked goods, whenever possible, will be presented in airtight bags. If presented in boxes, they will only be placed in there directly before collection. They will be placed in my refrigerator meanwhile.
  • In addition, they will have minimal exposure to the external environment and will be kept sealed as early as possible ( apart from the cooling time needed ).
1.2 Food Packaging and Things Related 
  • Baked goods will usually be presented in airtight bags, or boxes as mentioned above. They will also be presented in an envelope ( e.g for cookies ) as part of my design and style, whenever possible. In addition, I might personalize it!
  • For any more questions regarding the food packaging, do contact me ( do look at 4.1 and 4.2 if you are not so sure how! )

2. Pick Up and Delivery

2.1 Pick Up Procedure / Process

  1. Picking up date will be confirmed a week before ( along with acknowledgement of order ).
  2. Picking up time and date will be confirmed again 3 days before.
  3. See you! ( Pay on Collection, please do not abuse the system! For bulk orders above a certain amount, which I will let you know, 50% deposit is required )

2.2 Delivery

Delivery is currently not done due to time constraints. For example, I could have baked another batch of cookies using the time spent traveling. As such, I really hope that you would understand!

Delivery, however, might be done at centralized locations based on request, if there are sufficient orders.

2.3 Changing and Cancellation of Orders

Please do let me know of any changing or cancellation of orders at least 5 days before the day of collection! This is to allow me to have ample time to adjust ( for example if I dont have sufficient ingredients, I wouldnt had to restock in the end for your order ). I will appreciate you a lot for that!

However, please try not to cancel or change the date of collection orders as much as possible as I only accept a limited number of orders per day!

3. Usage of Bake Sales Profits

3.1 Explanation of Pricing

Prices are only marked up by 50% to 100% on average, with a maximum of 150%. In addition, this mark up of pricing or pricing decision, doesn’t include the cost of my hourly labour, allowing an already as low as possible price.

3.2 What are Profits Used For.

Profits are used to fund my hobby and blog to further develop more recipes and to allow me to expand my baking capabilities.

Afterall, there are currently no advertisements etc on my blogs and I develop recipes for free. I have to find a way to sustain the development of these recipes.

In addition, making profits allow me to go further, such as by acquiring new equipment hence allowing me to expand my hobby. For instance, I would really like to get a madeleines tray but I dont really see it in my budget as of yet.

4. General and Other Enquiries 
4.1 Point of Contact

For orders, please contact me through Facebook Messenger via LeBakeomaniac ( Facebook page link is available at the side bar ), or via my personal phone number if you have it.

4.2 Other Questions

For other questions, please contact me via any of my social media or via LeBakeomaniac. Even the comment section down below is open!

4.3 Feedback and Complains

For any feedback and complains, please contact me via Facebook Messenger, LaBakeomaniac, Facebook page link is available at the side bar, or via my personal number if you have it.

Thank you for reading through this and I hope it has helped to clear your queries! In addition, thank you so much for your support once again!

Last Updated, ( and hence still valid until updated again ): 04 December 2017