This newly released Bake Box I comes with a symphony of flavours and textures! First of its series, my bake boxes emphasize high quality bakes made with love. Be it scrubbing the lemon or making the extra step to pasteurize the meringue for safe consumption, I share my treats with my customers just as how I would for my family!

This box starts off with the Lemon Medley Cake for a sweet and sour combination. Topped off with a soft, mellow meringue, this cake is sure to end off tea sessions with a smile!

Next up, enjoy these Brownies three-way! Having worked on the original brownie base for three years, these decadent goodies come with cream cheese frosting and coffee glaze versions too, all made with love and from scratch. Each bite will leave you wanting more!

Finally, these Chocolate Butter Cookies are melt-in-your-mouth goodnesses. Coated with premium bittersweet chocolate, these will not last long in your fridge!