Bake Box IV comes with a theme of the flavours I have tasted in old-school bakeries. An elevated modern twist of traditional flavours, this box is curated for foodies who love east-west fusions and traditional flavours!

Start this Bake Box off with the centerpiece, the Pandan Medley Cake. With an infusion of fragrant pandan, this cake comes with a well-balanced Gula Melaka Frosting and the nutty aroma of freshly toasted coconut. As every Medley Cake of my series, this cake is one that comes with a harmony of flavours and textures!

Next, savour the old school decadent Fudgy Brownie that is sure to satisfy every chocolate lover’s sweet tooth cravings. A Fudgy Dark Chocolate Brownie topped with a dark chocolate frosting with low sugar is sure to make your day special! It did make mine when I was 10, and it still does now when I am 23!

Finish your tea session with the Egg Tart and Butter Cake. These traditional classics are made with a western-twist in techniques. With a sense of daintiness, these golden classics will complete your experience with Bake Box IV with a fragrant, buttery note.

Contents of Bake Box: 1 x Slice Butter Cake, 1 x Pandan Medley Cake, 1 x Egg Tart, 2 x Old School Fudgy Brownies