Sharing my recipe for my family’s new favourite bake for the week: the soft and fluffy Angel Food Cake! This Angel Food Cake is one of the easier sponge cakes to make with its basic ingredients and awesome taste.

The most important element for the successful making of this cake would be the egg whites. You would need to whip the egg whites to the stiff peak stage with guidance as shown in the video below. However, do not fret if you’re not sure how to as the video deep dives to show you the various stages and how to reach the stiff peak stage.

Once you’re able to reach the stiff peak stage, the rest involves simple folding.

My favourite bit about the Angel Food Cake is how light and airy it is. Furthermore, it doesn’t use any butter and oil in it’s batter at all! Therefore, this allows you to be more generous and liberal with the decorations.

For me, I chose whipped cream, toasted almonds and blueberries.

Angel Food Cakes keep well in the refrigerator as well as room temperature and every bite is guaranteed to melt in your mouth!

Angel Food Cake Recipe
by Javier Tan September-25-2021

This Angel Food Cake is light and fluffy with a distinct softness that will certainly melt in your mouth. Decorate it the way you like!


  • 8 Egg Whites (From Large Eggs, or Equivalent if using Egg White Powder)
  • 1 Cup or 120g of Cake Flour / All-Purpose Flour
  • 3/4 Cup + 2 Tablespoons or 170g of Caster Sugar (Can be reduced to 140g)
  • 2 Teaspoons or 10ml Vanilla Extract (3 Teaspoons if using Essence)
  • 1/4 Tsp or a pinch of Cream of Tartar (Optional)


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees C and prepare your ungreased tube pan (recommended) or bundt pan. I am using a 10 inch bundt pan in this video and recipe.
  2. Then, beat the egg whites until foamy and add in the cream of tartar (refer to video for more information).
  3. Continue whipping at medium-high speed until the egg whites are opaque and no longer bubbly. Add in 80g of sugar at this stage.
  4. Next, beat at high speed until stiff peaks are attained.
  5. Then, beat in the vanilla.
  6. Subsequently, fold in the sifted flour, caster sugar and salt in three portions, do not overmix.
  7. Transfer the batter to the ungreased pan and bake for 29 – 36 minutes at the middle rack until golden brown.
  8. Once done, remove the cake pan and invert it on another baking tray. Rest the inverted cake pan in the warm oven (turned off) and leave the door slightly open for an hour to stabilize.
  9. Remove the pan and unmould the cake (will be easier with a tube pan).
  10. Serve and enjoy!


  • Prep time: 3
  • Cook time: 40
  • Total time: 1
  • Yield: 1 Heavenly Angel Food Cake


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  2. Best eaten within 4 days (room temp) or 6 days (in the refrigerator).
  3. Feel free to ask if you need help especially if you do not know how the whipped eggs should look like, the video should help greatly.
  4. Please do not copy and paste the recipe without my permission, but feel free to link back here.
  5. For those interested, you can find out more about egg powders here. I got mine from M&D Prize Foods.

– Bakeomaniac, Javier Tan