Ever wondered how to make these trendy jar cakes? Be it for sales, a curious creative project or to recycle, a jar cake is perfect for many purposes! For myself, I always like to reuse glass jars to make jar cakes as gifts.

If you fall in the above category, look no further!

Step 1: Prepare your glass jars

Firstly, you will need clean and sturdy glass jars ready. Since jar cakes can be fragile and stored on the longer end, glass is the preferred material. Apart from its sturdiness, glassware is also easier to clean and traps less bacteria and grease than plasticware.

For myself, I tend to use rubbing alcohol and a hair dryer to remove the labels to create a cleaner look!

Step 2: The Ingredients

Here comes the highlight of the jar cakes, the ingredients! To make a good jar cake, it requires a good combination of creativity and flavour. Hence, it is strongly recommended to plan out before assembling the jar cakes.

I break down the ingredients into:

  1. The cake itself. Any will do, including cake scraps. For a reference, I used this recipe.
  2. Then, frosting or cream to gel between the layers.
  3. Third, a crunch element such as crushed biscuits or toasted nuts.
  4. Finally, a finishing topping such as jam, caramel or a chocolate drizzle.

While my jar cakes look simpler, I tend to mix various flavours and textures together. Doing so gives both depth and variety with each bite!

Step 3: The Assembly

The video above is most useful for this, and gives a good glimpse on assembling the whole jar cake!

Firstly, you will need to crumble your cake and then squash them for each layer. For each cake layer, top it off with a cream or frosting layer to gel.

Secondly, the addition of crunch elements is pretty much up to how you envision. However, I tend to add it above a frosting layer to give a varied texture by contrasting against the soft frosting. Nonetheless, do take note that the use of certain biscuit crumbs might be challenging as they can become soggy after soaking up the cream!

Finally, finish with a desired topping for a clean finish upon opening the jar.

Once you are done, you will be able to see the distinct layers like in the picture and video!

With that, this wraps up my guide on making a jar cake! You can certainly feel free to explore a few options and flavour combinations. What you see in the pictures is a coffee chocolate jar cake!

If you’ve further questions, do feel free to contact me and I hope you have fun making your own.