Hello there! It feels so weird again to be typing on this exact page where I have stayed faithful every single week for the last ten months! It is however, goodbye for now! (You will see me back again at Mid or Late February! )

For those who have noticed, which I feel really honoured that you did, I have actually stopped producing content at all for the last two weeks and I hope you do read on if you are interested to know why! I will try to keep this as short and sweet as possible, but if you would like a summarized version of things, inclusive of this post, do check out my Facebook page!

So let me now delve to the bottom of my hiatus in point forms, with explanations that follow!

1. I am currently researching on how to better present my content.

Currently, the main bulk of my content is mainly baking recipes. I am stopping all new content creation because I would want to find ways to present them better and through that, reach out to more people instead of just continuously producing low quality content. I believe that I am capable of making it better, and I hope when I start again, there will be an appreciable difference.

Some areas I am looking at includes practicing photography and taking better vlogs, getting a tripod, and the list goes on! ( Hint hint, do support me in my recent bake sales as if you would like to aid me in raising funds to get these items! You can access the link to my bake sales here! )

2. I hope to present content in more fields.

This is an expansion of the above point. I hope to present more content.

I am really interested to learn cooking, and I hope to film that down and my entire process so that beginners will feel more comfortable learning. I am sure everyone feels better and more comfortable learning with someone who is in the same shoes. I am sure no secondary school kid feels comfortable taking ‘O’ Levels with a professor.

On top of which, I am thinking and considering whether I should film the ordinary aspects of a Singaporean and share with everybody how I spend my days ( I thought this is pretty cool? Like a virtual diary, back to the early days of blogging ). This is more of an online journal since I have been keeping a diary in the real world ( I am sorry if this sounds weird ).

Also, I am currently looking at whether if I should start reviewing food, although this is of the lowest priority on my list.

3. I am developing the sales aspects of my blog.

If you haven’t noticed, my blog doesn’t carry any advertisements. This is because I feel that advertisements cheapen how the blog looks, and I do not like selling out my viewers for money.

Instead, I am hoping to sell my baked goods and earn money through my aspects, with a good value in return for you too. This also gives me an opportunity to practice. By the way, at this moment I must stop and give a big thank you to those who have been supporting me in my bake sales!

I am also looking into starting a Patreon account to perhaps allow people who are from overseas to contribute funds, however, that would means making some recipes exclusive to only paid viewers. This is a very contentious issue that I am deliberating with careful consideration.

Maybe someday this will become something big? The unknown future is an exciting one!

4. Rebranding attempts.

I feel that there isn’t a clear vision for my blog and I would hope to develop one. My main goal has always been to be in touch with more people be it people who loves baking too or people who just love home baked goods made with love.

I hope to develop ways and messages to send that across and perhaps one day, establish a clear brand direction ( although I don’t really consider myself to be a brand ) and also to perhaps even form a community in the long term goal.

Moving forward, I have decided to not take up any internships or part-time jobs before my enrollment in university in August. Instead, I will be going full blogging and vlogging after my operationally ready date or ORD ( the day I am out of National Service ) for about 5 months to explore whether if I like how blogging goes.

If I am successful, I will probably continue growing the blog! This is a very huge opportunity cost on my part and I hope to make sure that it is worth it, and I hope to see you grow with me.

Meanwhile, do let me know if you have any suggestions, I will be more than happy to hear from you!

From My Home To Yours,
Bakeomaniac Javier