Hello everyone 😆

I am Javier and I absolutely love baking! I started out baking in Secondary 3, which is about 15 years old. It all started first when me and my sister requested our parents to buy us an oven, and so they did!

From then on, a whole spiral of events occurred! I remember baking my first batch of cookies, my first cake, and so on! They obviously didn’t turn out the best but I can absolutely remember the faces of my kind and encouraging family and friends! It’s not the best, but they actually, in an attempt to encourage me, say that it is 😜.

Another aspect I love about baking is that I can avoid the catapulting costs of commercial desserts made by stores and cafes, and instead make my own. This is especially so when I didn’t come from a wealthy background but still have a sweet 😀 tooth to satisfy.

By baking my own goods, I am also able to share a piece of love that I constructed with my efforts with people around me. I absolutely appreciate their presence and because of that, baking is a way for me to show them how much I appreciate them. 💜

Without further ado, stay tune for my recipe tryouts ( with some modifications here and there to meet 3 words: cost, time efficiency and accessibility of ingredients ) along with some of my own personal recipes 😊😋

Although I am based in Singapore I am sure most of these ingredients will work out for you and they will be absolutely accessible! I will also give a difficulty rating in order for you to access if the recipe is suitable for you!

-Bakeomaniac, Javier!