It’s finally the weekend again and it means that I will be able to bake AGAIN. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT.

So before I reveal the upcoming recipes, you will definitely have an obvious hint here. Here, I will be introducing you to the versatile, all-purpose delicious frosting, the famous cream cheese frosting.

This frosting is extremely light, spreads and freezes well, along with the fact that it comes with a slightly cheesy taste ( not an overbearing one ). I have used this cream cheese frosting for cakes, muffins as well as cupcakes. They are pretty much perfect for any occasion, and almost any baked good! Whatever you want to put this cream cheese frosting with, just go ahead!

In addition, I have noted that many recipes are actually too sweet for my liking. Which is why I have decided to post independently, also partially for me to keep track of this recipe I have developed.

I have cut down a considerable amount of powdered sugar to be added, and yet the recipe still works. By cutting down on the amount of sugar, I feel way less guilty and better.

I mean afterall, we already have a great amount of sugar and butter in these baked goods. What we can do is try to reduce the amount we have in these frosting, and at the same time, not reduce its deliciousness. I want to have the best of both worlds with healthiness and having my desserts. I must admit it is definitely impossible unless you try out healthy baking, which I honestly feel takes too much effort. As such, what we can do is a good compromise on the amount of sugar and fats we are adding to our baking. Sounds fair? Well at least it is to me! Honestly though, it is up to you pretty much in the end!

To conclude, this is basically a healthier recipe, and not a healthy recipe! I mean, you can’t expect frosting to be healthy! You can’t have your cake and eat it too! This is a healthier cream cheese frosting recipe. Especially for those who want it to have less sugar, and still have it working out. For the flavors are not compromised!

This frosting takes very little time to assemble, providing that you already have the butter and cream cheese at room temperature. As such, there will be a waiting game going on so why not find something to do like perhaps read a book, or go see my other recipes ( hint hint! ).

Also, honestly, I am not so sure if a similar or the same recipe already exists. This is because cream cheese frosting utilizes pretty much the same ingredients. As such, I apologize in advanced if I have accidentally plagiarized someone else’s way of making cream cheese frosting. However, I do feel extremely amazed that we came to derive the same recipe! Perhaps its time for us to be friends then!!!

For the things you are frosting, I would suggest not exposing the cream cheese frosting to room temperature for too long as they possibly provide a good medium for the growth of bacteria. I can’t say for sure though, because I haven’t tried it out myself personally since I do not want to waste my expensive cream cheese. However, if you do try it out whether intentionally or unintentionally, do let me know because I am extremely curious!

Overall Difficulty: 0.5 / 5 ( I can’t see how you can go wrong here, unless your butter and cream cheese aren’t sufficiently softened! ) Definitely suitable for the beginner!
Time Taken: 10 minutes ( excluding waiting time for butter and cream cheese to be softened at room temperature since it’s subjective )

Ingredients Required:

  • 1/2 cup of cream cheese, softened at room temperature
  • 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter, softened at room temperature
  • 1 and 1/2 cup of powdered sugar, sifted
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence ( or 0.5 teaspoon of vanilla extract )
  • up to 2 teaspoons of milk
  • drops of food colouring, if desired


  1. Beat together the softened butter and cream cheese until they’re incorporated and creamy.
  2. Mix in the vanilla essence or vanilla extract.
  3. Add in the powdered sugar. Half a cup at the time to increase maximal incorporation and not making a mess!
  4. Add in the milk until you achieve the desired consistency.

I am placing strong emphasis that your cream cheese and unsalted butter have to definitely be softened at room temperature.

Just follow the recipe to the T!

You can increase the amount of powdered sugar to half a cup more if you like it sweeter. Adjust it accordingly to taste!

Should you be at this stage and think its impossible, IT IS POSSIBLE. For I went through this very same stage before I achieve the end result above! If your cream cheese and butter are still not sufficiently softened, you can pause at this stage and just let it soften to a certain stage, and try again!

– Bakeomaniac, Javier Tan!