Having started this food blog ( which I mainly publish recipes and baking tips ), I have also decided to blog more about my baking adventures. You can look forward to things such as my very very nascent baking business ( hence the receiving of my first order, which I am blogging about today ), along with other things. For a start, I am exploring on perhaps behind-the-scenes, or even how I take images, how I phrase my writing, and so on!

But for now, let me just share with you the excitement I have upon receiving my first baking order!

I am not going to elaborate much, but I did not seek this baking order myself. It was sourced to me by one of my friends who is running a business who bridges customer orders with home bakers. Which is a good idea, and I kind of support it.

For those who do not know, it can be illegal to sell food in Singapore, where I live in. This is especially if you are not a licensed food seller.

However, there is an exception made for home bakers.

According to this link here, from the Straits Times ( a major Singapore news company ),

Home bakers come under the Housing Board’s Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme, which allows them to practise “baking on a small scale for sale” in homes without turning the flat into a bakery

As such, it is possible and legal for home bakers in Singapore as long as they meet that condition ( which is my situation in this case ).

I would like to elaborate on the competition between home bakers and people who bake solely as a career, such as cafes, but I would only do so after I elaborate and share about how I feel about receiving my first baking order, on a separate post.

Whew, let me set the mood right now.

Well, I am extremely excited about receiving my first baking order. I mean, this is a very good opportunity for me to start sharing my baked goods with the world. Oftentimes, people can only see the pictures I post, or those that I share. But it is different now!

People will be able to taste my baked goods and they will most likely be merciless and crude with their feedback and comments. Unlike family members and friends who try them, these people paid a price, and hence there are expectations to be met. Our family members and friends can at times give distorted feedback ( white lies ) in order to encourage you on, amongst other reasons. In addition, even if it tastes bad or undesirable, they will not be as harsh with their words as they are reasonable critics.

These customers, however, have no obligation to be friendly and nice with their feedback.

Afterall, as I have said, they paid a price. Honestly, I value money a lot, in the sense that if someone is giving me money in exchange for a product or service, I want to do my best. Of course, it might not be required for me to do so. But it is my self expectations that are on my shoulders, constantly ringing throughout my ears. I want to do my very best, not just for me, but also for my customers to be able to taste the love through the homemade goods I made.

I want them to have a piece, and have a smile come to their face. I want give them a high quality for the trust they placed in me, without having even tried them. I want them to be happy.

Furthermore, I feel that the sales of baked goods is a good way to build a good relation with people.

I feel that if things go well, words will spread and simple as it is, you will be able to build a good relation, and further establish yourself as a prominent and able baker. This is one of the reasons why I have decided to take it up despite my unforgiving, demanding schedule. I want to be able to start establishing myself as a good blogger and baker. Afterall, I have always put in a lot of time and dedication in producing good content and baked goods. This is the time for me to shine.

Of course, things come with a risk!

It might backfire and go the other way. You might end up building a bad reputation with people and they will of course, spread the word as well. It will end up such that it might even be possible that people will boycott you, or totally avoid making any orders with you. You do not want to fail the expectations of others, if its attainable.

I still took up the risk however. This is because I feel that even if my baked goods fail their expectations, it will be a good learning point for me to learn. I am afterall just a homebaker and a recipe producer. I want to receive honest feedback, and the most honest and harshest comments will most possibly come from strangers, especially strangers who paid. If I were to pay for baked goods, I would have a high expectation as well! I mean, I put in so much effort to earn my income, I deserve to get the best out of every dollar!

As the saying goes, great risks comes with great rewards. I guess it applies here for me! This is my first time sharing my baked goods with complete strangers afterall, strangers I wouldn’t even be able to meet, and will be judging me simply just through the food I produced.

I feel extremely nervous for the outcome ( I haven’t delivered it yet, and hence I have not received any feedback ). I will update here however, IF I do receive a feedback!

When I was making my baked goods for my first order, I was extremely stressed out.

Although I have made these Oreo Stuffed Fudgy Brownies many times, I am still extremely nervous. What if I actually accidentally mess up one of those steps like perhaps I accidentally incorporate a piece of egg shell in it?

The anticipation and tension further intensify especially when it is baking. Baking it takes about half an hour and I was on my toes. I know that I am my harshest critic and I have extremely high expectations of myself. If it turns out badly, I might end up throwing the whole batch ( usually I do not, of course, because I do not like to waste food ), and bake another batch.

I am very relieved, and very proud to say, they turned out well. I cut out a small edge of the brownies to sample them before actually presenting them to my customers. Professionals might not do this, but I think I will do this all the time even if I become a baking professional. I just always feel constantly insecure and I do not want to present any faults.

Also, I know this sounds weird. I never had food poisoning from my own baked goods, of the countless times I have baked. But I still want to test it out to ensure that it is perfectly safe for the customers to consume, on top of practicing good hygiene habits such as washing my hands and preventing cross contamination.
I even took the effort to stack it nicely and also to present it in a nice box. It probably doesn’t matter and is often taken for granted, but these little things do add up to a wholesome experience ( I feel! ).
I am sorry that you can’t see it very clearly in this image here!

Here are some shots I took that I posted on my instagram as well, taken by my beloved sister! Includes an unglamorous shot of me!

Here’s the fun shot! These are things that you just can’t stop laughing at with your siblings! I was coincidentally closing my eyes when this shot was taken! Perhaps you could share in our laughter!

Like hehehe, I am so happy with these brownies!

Currently, I have packed them into a nice little bag and I am just sitting around hoping for the best! I hope they do enjoy the baked goods, and I absolutely can’t wait for them to taste it. Even if it’s bad, I feel its a good learning experience!

Do any of you who read my opinion and experience have anything to share? Do feel free to do so :)!

– Bakeomaniac, Javier Tan!