I was privileged to receive my first ever invitation from Fuego Bar & Kitchen to do a food review and am glad to accept the opportunity!

Before I proceed, as my swear of transparency, do note that I accepted their (Fuego Bar & Kitchen) invitation to give an honest review and I was given a free meal of my choice. They kindly offered me the opportunity to bring guests but I have decided not to, so as to focus on the work on hand, and understand the place and people better! Perhaps next time!

Note: For a summarized version of the write up, you can view my Instagram post (@Bakeomaniac). Location of the place is at the end of the post!

Consisting of a hearty range of foods of local and international flavors, their thoughtful menu ensures that you are spoiled for choice. I picked two memorable dishes, among the many that the inspirational Chef Sady recommended. Also, here’s a picture of the outdoor seating that I prefer! There are indoor seats too 🙂

I tried the Tiger Prawn Al Fuego ($18+) which was accompanied by a generous portion of in-house garlic butter and herb sauce. Before even digging into the meal, I was amazed by how effortless it was to remove to de-shell the prawn, a pleasant confirmation of its freshness.

With confirmation from the chef, I learnt that the eatery places an order for these Tiger Prawns to be delivered and cooked fresh on a daily basis. No effort was spared to maintain the freshness of these prawns throughout the day, such as through a skillful and proper execution through the usage of brine.

The texture of the prawn was firm, with a slightly sweet flavour. Personally, the flavour was alleviated when accompanied with a portion of garlic butter and herb sauce, along with a moderated dose of lemon juice. It was all-in-all an extremely refreshing dish that is easy on the palette, making it a decent starter dish. It was no wonder recommended to me, and an excellent dish indeed!

Moving on to the mains, I was presented with the Quesadilla ($18+). The menu allows you a choice of beef, chicken or prawn. I selected the chicken as I already had some prawns, and since it was lunch, I believe the choice of chicken will be easier on my palette!

The quesadilla consists of an array of different cheeses, jalapenos and well-seasoned chicken folded in flour tortilla made with a trusted recipe of Chef Sady. It also comes with a refreshing combo of in-house sour cream and pineapple salsa!

I was expecting the quesadilla to be overly cheesy but contrary to that, it was a fine balance of tangy and spicy, with an appreciable cheesy background. The additional sour cream, pineapple salsa and jalapenos allow you to have a slight variation in flavours, making it a pleasant main.

I did not try any of the alcoholic drinks (going light on alcohol here!), but it is heartening to hear that the chef prioritizes in the concept of a good bar that serves good food and I feel that my pleasant experience in the eatery easily proved the fruition of the concept.

As it is situated within Alexandra Technopark, the biggest downside for me will be the location of the eatery as it can be slightly challenging to find (especially for someone like me who is bad with the maps!).

It will definitely be more convenient if you choose to drive.

All-in-all, the ambiance (refer to pictures!) of the place is soothing and well thought of, with the proper atmosphere for a good hangout place. With a well crafted menu backed by skillful chefs and hospitable staff, I am satisfied!

P.S: I really love their choice of music!

Location: 438 B Alexandra Road, 01-01 Alexandra Technopark, Block B, 119968
Website: http://fuegobarandkitchen.com/reservation/
Phone Number: 8596 2775