Nestled upon the streets of Bencoolen, Wan Wan Thai Cafe serves up mouthwatering treats with a cozy, garden-inspired ambience!

My friend and I first stumbled upon here as we were making plans to visit the National Museum of Singapore. What attracted me even before visiting Wan Wan Thai Cafe would be it’s price reasonableness. While the menu might look limited in the assortment of offerings, it was certainly made up through the variety in flavours.

Additionally, if you’re in the mood to have dessert for a meal, Wan Wan Thai Cafe offers a good mix of savoury and sweet!

Since there were only two of us, we ordered two items to share. The first was a Thai Milk Green Tea Toast ($9.90).

Honestly, what even got me started on writing the review was the Thai Milk Green Tea Toast and for a good reason. It was simply awesome. The thick toast was fluffy and soft on the inside, crisp on the outside. Additionally, the toast soaks up the melting ice cream and honey drizzle so well!

What caught my friend and I with pleasant surprise was the bold flavours from the Green Milk Green Tea Ice Cream. Since it isn’t easy to infuse flavours into ice cream, the ability for the green milk tea flavour to stand out is commendable (and really tasty!). Furthermore, the touch of chopped peanuts also added a nice change-up in texture by providing a slight crunch!

I would rate this a 10/10, and it’s a dessert I will return to Wan Wan Thai Cafe to have more (already planning my next trip).

Next on the line-up that captured our eyes would be the Mango Bingsu ($13.90).

Each serving of Mango Bingsu comes with a generous heaping of cubed mangoes, whipped cream and a generous scoop of refreshing mango ice cream. If you would like a sweeter finish, drizzle the condensed milk provided. I really appreciate the service crew for not scrimping on the condensed milk (a very important element of Bingsus to me).

While I do enjoy the Mango Bingsu very much, it does get cloyingly sweet nearer to the end. Despite sharing it two ways, I find myself unable to finish the last few bites. However, my friend did enjoy it quite a bit and it boils down to personal preference. My suggestion for a balance would be to get a unsweetened beverage from their menu to go with the sweet treats. Doing so would definitely complement well!

In all, I really enjoyed  my trip to Wan Wan Thai Cafe. If only it was more convenient, I would’ve been a regular, since it takes an approximate 10 minutes walk to get there from the nearest MRT station. Furthermore, it’s difficult to find good thick toast and Wan Wan Thai Cafe has it!

While my photos and food review didn’t touch much on the ambience, each spot in the cafe has its own unique vibe to it. As such, you don’t have to worry where you’re seated because every single spot is so instagram-worthy!

Wan Wan Thai Cafe
Address: 127A Bencoolen St, Singapore 189637