Following the initial openings of stores Marina Bay Sands, Takashimaya and Paragon, Venchi has recently opened their very first cafe at ION Orchard! As a fan of Venchi, I couldn’t be more elated to drop by the store for a visit. Because the cafe, unlike the store, allows you to dine-in with an amazing selection of gelatoshake, crêpe, and coffee all the way from Italy!

Upon reaching the store’s gold exterior immediately captured my attention with its grandeur vibe. Even the tables and chairs are decked out in gold to match, creating an allure of elegance. However, and as we all know, appearance is but one aspect of a cafe. Ultimately, the taste of the food served is still of utmost importance and a decisive factor.

As a fan of Venchi, I am a convert after trying quite a few flavours of gelatos such as pistachio. Hence, I made a beeline to try out the crepe and gelatoshake. The coffee was so very tempting; however, I already had a cuppa earlier! Besides, I never had a gelatoshake before and I am pretty sure I am not the only one!

Cafe Menu & Selections

First, the Crepes Nougatine which comes with a silky hazelnut milk spread, nougatine grains and whipped cream. Each bite of this was simply delightful. The crepe was packed with a well-balanced proportion of spread and grains, providing a delicate balance of flavours and textures. Additionally, the whipped cream provides a lovely accompaniment to the crepe.

Next, I also had a gelatoshake gourmet that comes with a gelato spread and grains of my choice. I was of anticipation that this might be too sweet given my previous experience with milkshakes. Thankfully, my prediction was wrong. Not only was the gelatoshake mildly sweet, it comes with a pleasant background of milkiness and the fragrance of vanilla.

What Else to Look Out For!

Due to my limited calorie budget, I stopped sampling at these two sweets. However, given my positive experience, I am excited for my next trip to Venchi. Furthermore, I there are even of vegan ice cream options (Azteco). Indeed, there’s something for everyone here!

After I was done, I also browsed the selection of chocolates available. I got to emphasise; the gold exterior is a really nice touch especially with the little glimmers from the chocolate wrappers across the shelves.

If you’re shopping for chocolates, look no further! In Venchi, you can either purchase by the grams or packaged sets. My favourites include the Cubboto Chocoviar 75% Dark, Cremino Pistachio and Giandujotto Hazelnuts Milk. They’re really unlike most chocolates, and truly worth every single dollar.

On top of their premium chocolate selections, which are also perfect for gifting, Venchi stores also carry ingredients for you to experiment at home. This includes their cocoa powder, suprema hazelnut spreaed and chocolate bars. I always save my Venchi for the most premium bakes to match the most special of occasions, such as my Flourless Chocolate Cake for gifting.

Venchi, ION Orchard Location:
#B1-25A, ION Orchard Mall, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore