Loacker, a childhood favourite of mine, has collaborated with pastry chef Janice Wong to present an exclusive high tea set: the Loacker Alpine Botanical Garden. Presented through an exclusive virtual high tea session, the dessert items take cues from the beauty of nature.

On top of presenting a set of unique Loacker based desserts, the intimate event also features a sharing by Janice. This Loacker high tea was certainly an event I counted down to and was one I wouldn’t miss!

The Loacker high tea set features dessert items inspired by both flora and fauna in appearance and taste. Aptly crafted, each bite captures the natural goodness of the Loacker wafer while translating soothing botanical hits. Apart from incorporating fruity flavours such as raspberry, edible flowers are added for a refreshing floral note.

It was also nice to have Italy brought to me through this experience! This was made possible with a sharing by the Loacker’s team and the nature-inspired pastries further bring the narrative to life. My favourite is the Meadow of Dreams, a botanical cheesecake with a refreshing, harmonious blend of fruity and floral flavours.

Furthermore, it was a really eye-opening experience seeing Janice present these nature-inspired pastries. Additionally, the flavour profile and feel of the items nicely manifested Loacker’s ethos to present the quality of nature.

Kudos as well to Loacker Singapore’s PR agency, PR Communications for this well thought-out event.

As the high-tea items presented are exclusive, I thought to capture my experience in this Loacker High Tea through a vlog! Also, I am absolutely amped up to use more Loacker in my bakes, such as my recipe for the Loacker No-Bake Cheesecake.

All-in-all, a noteworthy experience!