Was introduced to Barossa Bar & Grill (Singapore) and I am already planning my next visit! Barossa Bar & Grill has an open, breezy concept with bursts of vibrant music during the evenings. I was not shocked at all that they were fully reserved on the Friday evening I visited.

For my trip here, my friend and I ordered the Meat Trio Pizza ($28) and Grilled Norwegian Salmon (approx. $24) for our mains. Then, we also ordered Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil ($8) and Naughty Nachos ($16) as appetizers. Finally, we had two fruity mocktails (approx. $20 total). Unfortunately, some of the pricing and ingredients that I am describing might be inaccurate as the menus are not updated on their webpage.

Nonetheless and thankfully, the food is fresh on my palette as I write this and thanks to how memorable the food is!

Starting with the Meat Trio Pizza, pictured on the left (or top for mobile), I absolutely love the combination of the Mortadella Ham, Coppa Ham and Spanish Chorizo. They’re the right amount of savoury especially with the cheese, without being overly salty. Furthermore, the addion of cherry tomatoes and wild rockets provide such a refreshing contrast that will leave you wanting more with each bite!

Following on, we had the Norwegian Salmon served with Tomato Quinoa and a fragrant Pesto Sauce. The Norwegian Salmon has the right amount of smokiness and its generous serving definitely wow-ed me. Here, my friend recommend eating a bite of Tomato Quinoa for each bite of Salmon to provide that constant tingling of tastebuds. I could not agree more that this combination surprisingly worked out so well!

Next up will be the Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil. Being on the scrimpy side of the house, I always find such soups overly pricey. However, I was so wrong for Barossa’s Wild Mushroom Soup as it is so absolutely tasty and hearty. Dipping along with the well-buttered garlic bread, this appetizer goes right up my alley!

Throughout the meal, we also had two fruity mocktails. Unfortunately as I am unable to find it on the online menu, all I could say is that they provide a nice little bit of sweetness throughout your meal. These mocktails are just so good at refreshing the palette and they do taste absolutely fresh!

Last but not least, the Naughty Nachos which is served with a cheese dip and a meat-based sauce. Most noticeably from the image, you would have picked out how generous they are with their sauces! Should you be someone who run out of dips halfway in your nachos, you will never find that problem here. Both dips taste equally good in their own element. Furthermore, I was surprised that even the lettuce was seasoned as it tasted zesty!

My overall experience was absolutely awesome and I am proud to say Barossa at the Esplanade is one of the best food establishments I have visited. It has all the elements that I look out for in a food establishment: value-for-money, good service and good food.

My ratings are:
Price point: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5

With that, I hope you try it out and I will be leaving the details of Barossa at the Esplanade below!

Website: http://barossa.com.sg/
Location: 8 Raffles Ave, Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802