Make this easy Christmas Breakfast Board to kickstart the feasting this season. I am a huge fan of this Christmas Breakfast Board because of its variety in food, presentation, and how there will be something for everyone!

The making of this Christmas Breakfast Board is rather straightforward. However, it still requires some careful planning and a video below to help you along!

You will need various food items which I have grouped into categories:

  1. Savouries
  2. Sweets
  3. Condiments (e.g. Jam and Butter)
  4. Fresh fruits


For savouries, I pick breakfast associated proteins including sausages, pepperoni, and of course, bacon! It’s pretty flexible here and some of the other meat options that I missed out include ham.

Additionally, you can mix it up with some carbs as well. For instance, you can consider hash browns and even savoury croissants to go with the proteins.

For lighter savouries, you can also consider sunny side-ups like what I have done for my breakfast board!


This is my favourite department as I was spoilt for choice as a dessert fanatic. For myself, I used sweets as an opportunity to balance out the richness of the savouries. As such, I went for bittersweet matcha pancakes which are so soft and fluffy. Additionally, I also had low-sugar yogurt on the side (not shown in image). Then, I also included some raspberry crackers to mix up the textures on this Christmas breakfast board.

Alternatively, you can also come up with sweets to complement the savouries. Examples include vanilla pancakes and waffles to go with popcorn chicken and bacon.

The possibilities are endless here!


The condiments you choose have to match closely with food options on your platter. As such, I chose raspberry fruit fillings which will go well with the pancakes. Other condiments not shown include chilli sauce to go with the proteins, and sliced butter for those who want it with their pancakes!

Fresh Fruits

Last but not the least, let us not forget fresh fruits! The flavours from nature always help brighten up the appearance and flavour profile of platters.

For my Christmas Breakfast Board, I used fresh green grapes to provide that colour contrast against the redness of the proteins. Additionally, I also used sliced bananas to provide a fruity sweetness.

Word of note here will be that some fruits can get soggy / spoil quickly. Hence, do take note of this if you’re assembling the board to consume on at a later timing!