With the various recipes that I have came up with for the Year 2018, some were obviously way more well received than the others and thus, I have decided to compile a list of the top 5 most-viewed recipes in my blogs!

As with the spirit of my love for baking, I have always made the decision to share these easy yet stunning recipes so that you can experience the joy of baking in your very own kitchen!

It was definitely challenging to produce good recipes with a reasonable number of experiments to back it up especially considering that I have been really occupied with my studies having enrolled in university (National Technological University of Singapore). Living in hostel means separation from my oven and that also means that I was only able to do most of my baking during the weekends but I am glad to have seen it through on a bi-weekly basis.

Having completed almost two years of recipe sharing and blogging,  I hope to use whatever influence I have gathered though not much, to continue spreading the amazing hobby of baking. I hope too to contribute to local businesses and aid them along with charities especially considering how much challenges such organizations face.

I would just like to help out as much as I could to the best of my abilities.

I would also like to find some ways to thank my audience who have been giving me the constant encouragement and support that I so ever need! Do continue watching my space and I will continue to share amazing and easy recipes that you can execute in the kitchen. I found joy in the kitchen and I hope to spread that joy to you!

Without further ado, the top 5 recipes of 2018!

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Top 5 Recipes of 2018

I really liked this baked lemongrass chicken wings! It was also my first attempt at baking something savoury and I even baked it during a live baking demonstration with Sharefood!

It is so easy to marinate, so juicy and so tender! The amazing and accessible mix of ingredients made it extremely delectable, mouthwatering and easy to prepare!

Again, you can click either the name on top of the picture or you can click the name here:

Lemongrass Chicken 

Simple Lemon Squares Recipe by Bakeomaniac

This is more of a western bake! It is an amazing harmony of tangy from the lemons as well as sweet as the lemon curd layer is slightly sweetened.

This tangy-and-sweet lemon curd layer is built upon a crisp and buttery background of a simple pastry layer.

Dust it with powdered sugar if you like and you will have an amazing tea treat to go!

Lemon Squares 

Top 5 Recipes of 2018 by Bakeomaniac

It is no surprise that the signature bake of my blog and journey, which has been the top for the year of 2017, came in again at the top 5 of 2018!

A fusion bake between East and West, it infuses pandan coconut milk and pandan extract into my original hot milk cake recipe to create such a stunning and drool-worthy cake!

Pictures speak a thousand words, but tasting it would essentially make you speechless!

Pandan Hot Milk Cake

Milo Brownies Recipe by Bakeomaniac

This is not from a collaboration and I was not sponsored.

It was from an experiment of using chocolate malt powder (Milo) to create a new dimension in chocolate-y desserts.

It definitely propped up the intensity of the chocolate yet without coming off as overwhelming. The Milo taste is definitely not obvious here, but that might be inspiration for yet another baking recipe. Do you think it will be a good idea?

Milo Brownies

Butter Cake Recipe ( Tea Version ) by Bakeomaniac

Buttery yet not greasy, moist yet soft! This fluffy tea cake that has a delicate balance between how buttery and sweet it is has became an amazing addition to the tea tables!

This butter cake tastes even more amazing overnight as the butter infuse its flavour into the bake. Serve it as small slices with tea and your guests will sure be kept at the tea table!

I am glad to have finished writing this for I can most definitely feel my stomach grumbling!

Butter Cake

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